I’m Afraid of How My Partner Will React to My Unplanned Pregnancy

It’s completely natural to feel apprehensive about sharing news of an unexpected pregnancy, especially when you’re unsure how your partner will react. This situation carries a lot of emotional weight, and it’s important to approach it with care and thoughtfulness. If you’re worried about your safety, it’s critical to understand your well-being should be your

What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in High School?

Navigating high school is challenging enough with academics, social dynamics, and planning for the future. But if you find yourself facing a pregnancy during these years, you may feel overwhelmed by an entirely new set of concerns and decisions.  From understanding your rights and educational options to accessing health care and support systems, we’ll cover

When Should I Take a Pregnancy Test?

There’s always a chance you could get pregnant if you’re sexually active.  If your period hasn’t arrived yet, you’re probably wondering about the best time to take a test. There’s no “wrong” time to take a pregnancy test; just know that taking one too early or incorrectly could give you a false result, and you’ll

What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy while in college can present a complex set of challenges. Concerns about pursuing your education, the response from family and friends, and identifying sources of support might seem daunting. It’s important to remember that discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions is not lawful. Your educational aspirations can still be

I’m Pregnant, and My Partner is Abusive

Finding out you’re pregnant can be daunting as it is. The reality of navigating pregnancy with the shadow of an abusive relationship isn’t something you should have to worry about. If you are in this heartbreakingly difficult situation, know you are not alone. Remember, your safety and well-being are the most important things. The First

How Will Pregnancy Affect Me Emotionally?

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life. Her body produces new and existing hormones at different levels to support the growing pregnancy. However, these hormones can also impact how she feels at different times during pregnancy. While every woman’s pregnancy will differ, here’s an overview of what can happen. Early in Pregnancy (Week

My Birth Control Failed: What Do I Do? 

If your birth control failed and you now have a positive pregnancy test, here are some steps you can take next. Step 1. Remain Calm Unexpected pregnancy can cause a number of emotions, and you could feel extremely shocked or surprised. Take a deep breath and remain calm.  While stress and worry come naturally to

What Can Guys Do with an Unexpected Pregnancy?

When confronted with an unexpected pregnancy, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath. This moment may feel overwhelming, but it’s essential to address it calmly.  While a pregnancy decision ultimately lies with the woman, there’s a lot you can do to help support her during this time. Open A Dialogue You

How to Navigate the Holidays with an Unexpected Pregnancy?

The holidays can feel like the most wonderful time of the year, but they might not if you’re in the middle of an unexpected pregnancy.  Between making small talk with extended family and not feeling up to your typical activities, giving yourself grace during this holiday season is important. Here are some tips as you

How to Tell Your Boyfriend and Family You Are Pregnant

You might have seen fun ways to break your pregnancy news on TikTok or Instagram. However, that doesn’t fit your situation. Maybe it’s an unplanned pregnancy, and you’re unsure how your boyfriend or family will react. How do you tell them? Here are a few tips. 1. Evaluate Your Safety Reactions to life-altering news are