Statement from the Board of Directors

On behalf of A Hope Center’s Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that Michelle Schoenefeld has been appointed to be the permanent (that is, no longer interim) executive director of A Hope Center. The Board is grateful for Michelle’s leadership and confident that her efforts will greatly benefit A Hope Center, and the young women (and men) to whom A Hope Center ministers, for many years to come.

Michelle is a long- serving Hope Center team member, and has had the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to countless young women in their moment of unique need. She is highly regarded by peers, clients, and the Board of Directors. We are confident that A Hope Center’s mission of healing hearts and saving lives will thrive under her leadership.

About A Hope Center

Motivated by the love of Christ, A Hope Center heals hearts and saves lives by providing free pregnancy services, resources, and education to nurture sexual, emotional, and spiritual health. Founded in 1984, A Hope Center is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit reaching out with the love of Christ. All services at A Hope Center are free and confidential. People of all races, nationalities, religions, and economic classes are welcome. You matter. We care.


MS, MA, PA-C  (Physician Assistant w/ Christian Ministry degree)

AAS, RN, w/training in limited OB sonography (Nurse sonographer)

MA, RN  (Nurse w/ Christian ministries degree)

BSN, RN (Nurse)

BS, LPN, HS-BCP w/ training in pregnancy loss support  (Nurse w/ Human Services Degree and Board Certification)

BSN, RN (Nurse)

AAS, RN, w/training in limited OB sonography (Nurse Sonographer)

AAS, ARDMS (Sonographer)

RN w/ diploma in nursing and 40+ years experience 

BSN, RN (Nurse)

BSW w/ training in reproductive grief (Life Perspectives Certificate)

BS (Admin assistant)

RN w/ diploma in nursing and 40+ years experience 

(Admin Assistant)

MD, FACOG (Medical Director)

Board of Directors