Pregnancy and Health-Related Services

Your total health matters to A Hope Center. If there is a service we cannot offer you, we will recommend getting the help you need.

Allen County Department of Health

STD testing and treatment for a fee.

(Get free chlamydia and gonorrhea testing at A Hope Center. Treatment is referred at low cost to the Department of Health. Text 260-900-2133 or call 260-422-3544.)


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a nutrition education program. Healthy foods and other services are free of charge.

Neighborhood Health Clinic (NHC)

Medical, dental, and optometry services are provided with respect and sensitivity to those being served. Sliding scale fees based upon income are available. Low-cost prenatal care is among the many medical services NHC provides.

Super Shot Program 

Super Shot’s mission is to promote vaccination and provide access to immunization community-wide. Shots are provided at a low cost.

Brightpoint Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid

Presumptive eligibility allows pregnant women to receive temporary coverage for prenatal care services only while eligibility is determined for other Indiana coverage.

Please call 260-422-3544 or text 260-900-2133 for an appointment. Remember, no matter your pregnancy circumstances, no matter what options you are weighing … You Matter. We Care.