Choosing Parenting

Was parenting something you had planned for down the road? We understand, but sometimes life throws us a curveball. Even if you are thinking, “There is no way I could be a parent,” we can show you how. There are more resources available to you now than ever before. It really is possible for you to parent independently.

Understanding Parenting

Parenting can be a wonderful, stressful, emotional journey. Children are raised in all types of situations. Whether you are married, single, or co-parenting, we can provide you the tools for the best possible outcome.

You can be a good parent. Love, support, and education will lead the way. No parent is perfect. But with the resources we will provide, you can be the best for your child.

Your Next Step

A Hope Center advocate can help you examine circumstances unique to your situation. You can talk through your questions and discuss your parenting options. Plus, we offer Earn While You Learn classes. As you participate, you can earn Bonus Bucks that can be “spent” in our Bonus Room on items such as baby clothes, toys, diapers, and wipes. You can even save up your Bonus Bucks to “purchase” a new crib or other baby necessities.

Class Topics Include:

  • prenatal care
  • nutrition
  • childbirth
  • newborn care
  • breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • early childhood growth and development
  • safety/first aid
  • relationships

Let us show you how we can support you during this next chapter of your life! You matter. We care.