The holidays can feel like the most wonderful time of the year, but they might not if you’re in the middle of an unexpected pregnancy. 

Between making small talk with extended family and not feeling up to your typical activities, giving yourself grace during this holiday season is important.

Here are some tips as you navigate the holidays.

1. Decide What You Are Comfortable Sharing.

No one is entitled to know your personal health or life information. 

As you prepare for holiday gatherings, consider what you’re comfortable sharing. Have an answer for “How have you been?” and “What’s new with you?” Keep it honest but broad.

Trying out a new gym or applying for jobs could be the new item you share with certain relatives. That’s okay. You can share about your pregnancy whenever you’re ready.

2. Determine Your Inner Circle.

Going through the season alone with a secret can make you feel isolated. Establish an inner circle of trusted friends and family you can talk with about your situation, who can encourage you and listen to you.

Those in your circle should know they can’t share the information with anyone else without your permission. If you have certain relatives you want to tell but know they will tell everyone, wait until you’re ready for others to know the news.

3. Practice Self-Care.

You might not feel your best as you navigate pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. You could feel tired, nauseous, or moody as your body adjusts to new hormone levels.

Ensure you’re taking care of yourself with enough sleep, daily exercise, good nutrition, and knowing your limits. You might want to sit out of a few activities to rest and take a breather. While not feeling the same can be disappointing, it will be okay.

Invite some of your inner circle to spend time with you so you can laugh together and experience joy during the holidays together.

Want to Talk About it?

Emotions can run high during an unexpected pregnancy. You could experience so many changes and new social dynamics. It can be therapeutic to talk about it in a safe space.

We’re here to listen and provide confidential pregnancy services. Schedule a no-cost appointment today. We wish you a happy and peace-filled holiday season!

A Hope Center does not provide or refer for abortions.