An unexpected pregnancy can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. If your friend is experiencing this situation right now, you can make a world of difference in her life with your support.

Here are five ways you can support your friend during this time.

1. Keep Her Company and Listen

She might feel very alone right now. By spending time with her, you can lessen those feelings and be the physical reminder that she’s not alone.

Listen to her thoughts, concerns, and emotions when keeping her company. 

Be present with her and refrain from sharing your opinions on what you think she should do. Your job as a friend isn’t to advise but to ensure she feels supported and loved.

2. Go with Her to Appointments

There are many appointments during pregnancy, and going by herself to each one could feel overwhelming and lonely. If possible, offer to drive or accompany her to these. She will appreciate having someone with her during the trip and in the waiting room.

3. Assist Her with Chores and Errands

Grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning can go from everyday tasks to tall tasks during pregnancy. If she’s experiencing morning sickness or feels emotionally drained, she’ll appreciate you making her life easier with acts of service.

4. Give Her a Care Package

If your friend loves receiving gifts, making her a care package with helpful things could be right up her alley. Fill it with treats or necessities like saltines, vitamins, and a water bottle. You could even gift her a journal, pen, and books to enjoy when she’s by herself.

Add an encouraging card or even notes sealed in envelopes for her to open on specific dates. This will give her something special to look forward to, especially if her days feel challenging.

5. Be Available Through Communication

Share that she can text or call you anytime and commit to contacting her regularly. Knowing someone cares and is available for her calls and texts will help when she’s home alone or feeling extra emotional.

Even More Support for Your Friend

Supporting your friend during her pregnancy is an incredible act of friendship. You can bring joy to her life even when she’s facing a daunting road ahead.

At A Hope Center, we can also support your friend with no-cost early pregnancy services, such as pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STI testing. We also offer options counseling, information, resources, and referrals. All of our services are confidential.

Join your friend for an appointment at one of our three locations. We welcome you both and admire your heart for your friend.

A Hope Center does not provide or refer for abortions.