Tough conversations can stretch you to your emotional limits, but they’re necessary and valuable for building relationships and gaining support.

Telling your parents about your unexpected pregnancy is one of those challenging talks because it comes with risks and unknowns. What will they think? How will they react? What if they don’t support me? But then again, what if they do?

You won’t know the answer until you tell them the news. So, how do you tell them? Here are a few tips for navigating a heart-to-heart conversation with your parents. 

1. Put Your Safety First

Before you break the news, ask these questions: What would be the best reaction you could expect from them? What would be the worst?

If the worst reaction could include physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, we suggest caution before proceeding. Some safety precautions could include calling them on the phone to share from a safe place, bringing a friend for support (not your partner!), or even meeting them in a public setting. If you have these concerns, contact us, and we can help.

2. Choose the Time and Place

If you’re not concerned about safety and will tell your parents in person, choose a time when they are relaxed and at ease. Telling them after a hard day of work or while they’re under stress may lead to a knee-jerk response.

If you’re unsure when that time might come, you could play it by ear and see if an opportunity arises. If one doesn’t, you can set the stage by asking your parents if they can join you at a specific time in a comfortable setting, like in a living room or around the dinner table.

3. Calmly Deliver Your Message

As hard as it is to break the news, try your best to stay calm. Take deep breaths as you prepare, and think through your message and delivery.

When beginning the conversation, strike a balance between building too much suspense and dropping the news suddenly. Landing somewhere in the middle will prepare your parents to brace themselves without feeling caught off guard.

Once you share, give them time to process. It’s okay to sit in silence and let them ask questions. Answer questions if you can, but it’s alright if you don’t know all the answers yet. Remember, you don’t have to have your future planned out before telling your parents. 

Their emotions might take a few days or longer to settle fully. This type of news can trigger many feelings, opinions, and thoughts. Give them grace and space; if necessary, ask them to do the same for you.

You Make the Final Decision

Remember, this is your life and your story. Friends, family, and even your partner could have opinions about what you should do next. But resist the pressure to decide on something you’re not fully comfortable with. It’s your decision.

Before breaking the news, confirm your pregnancy and talk with a caring staff member at A Hope Center. We’re here to support you during this unexpected time. All of our services are offered at no cost because we care.

Schedule today at a time that works best for you! Walk-ins are also welcome, but appointments shorten wait times.

A Hope Center does not provide or refer for abortions.