The relationship between abortion and negative mental health has long been debated. But, experts agree that at least some women are at a higher risk for negative mental health impacts like depression after an abortion experience.

In addition to a history of mental health issues, other risk factors include feeling pressured to abort or having conflicting maternal desires or moral beliefs. 

An adoption plan can prevent feelings of depression for women who aren’t sure about abortion and want to carry their pregnancy to term.

Be Real and Authentic with Yourself

Who are you? What matters to you? How do you feel about abortion being a part of your story?

Being pressured into abortion or having conflicting feelings disrupts the natural decision-making process. If you aren’t entirely on board, your emotions won’t automatically align with your choice. Being entirely sure protects your emotional health.

To truly understand what you want for your future, ask yourself hard questions, and be honest about your feelings. If you’re surrounded by opinions or pressure, seek a neutral party like A Hope Center as your sounding board. 

If, after these steps, you feel an adoption plan aligns best with your identity and life goals, we can refer you to a reputable adoption agency.

Gather Information on Adoption

Adoption is a choice women often make when they don’t feel abortion is for them but are uncertain about their ability to parent.

It still comes with emotional challenges if you wish you could parent or have your heart set on parenting. As with any choice in life, gather complete information and ensure you feel certain before moving forward.

An adoption plan is simply making arrangements for your child’s future. You can determine how much contact you want with your child and the adoptive family. You can pick the adoptive family and outline other terms to best match your lifestyle.

Resist Any Pressure

Your pregnancy is your decision. Give yourself grace and release any pressure you feel from others or yourself.

As you think through different steps, make sure to schedule an ultrasound. This will provide essential details about how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy, and if your pregnancy is viable. 

These health details play a role in your decision and will help you receive timely medical intervention if the ultrasound discovers a complication

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*Please note: A Hope Center does not provide or refer for abortions.